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    Smile Back Pain

    So I injured my back in Jan at work thought I just pulled something well come to find out after xrays and an MRI i had ruptured the l4/l5 and S1 so I was bullied into going back to work by my insurance adjuster in Feb made it 3 hrs and had to be carried out since then i have had 3 injections been on 2 sets of medrol saw a WC dr who said I needed a fusion ok as long as it take away the pain. Surgery set for late June. Oh wait lets check my email whats this WC is denying the surgery they want a second opin, ok Im ok with that except wait they sent me for an IME who claims I am fine and can return to work with no restrictions,even tho I have 3 other Docs saying if I return to work before haveing surgery i will injury myself even worse I also have a lot of pain on my right side that I didnt have before this other Doc did his exam! oh wait did I mention i also had a dicogram that showed a large luner tear at the s1 and leaking on both the L4-5 and S1 I use a walker to get around with due to my many falls and the fact that I have drop foot now as well, so I have an attorny we went for a deposition and the other side now wants me to go to another doctor, I am ok with that but I am so hoping this all gets resolved and fast, So I sit and wait like the rest on here no medical no pain meds no money coming in and in pain 24/7 these ppl who work for the Insurance companies and sit behind a desk in there air conditioned offices have no Idea how hard it is for the IW I have missed so much this year because of this and I just want my life back and the pain to be gone I feel so useless cant really even do house hold chores anymore I have a few ppl who come and check on me since hubby works and kids are at school, never thought I would need a babysitter for myself.. OMG thank you for just listening it really helps
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    you could be experiencing a common side effect of serious injury: a depressive reaction.
    depression often sets in as a physical reaction to prolonged pain. It can become chronic and very debilitating if left untreated. you need to talk to your doctor about these feelings and request a counseling referal. it can't be treated without help; don't put off getting professional help.

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    Thank you I will do that on Monday you are right i do feel very down

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