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    Default Scheduling Hernia Surgery - Time Limits

    I was recently diagnosed with a hernia caused by heavy lifting at work. I was sent to the company's doctor and also saw my personal physician. Both the company's doctor and my own physician have referred me to surgeons. 2 questions:

    1) Can I have the surgeon recommended by my primary care physician do the surgery (MD within my network)?

    2) I am off on temp disability (my first few days off). Do I have a time limit in which I have to have the surgery completed? I want to take my time do some research and get various opinions before going under the knife but I don't want to risk losing benefits/jopb or cause any issues.

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    Default Re: Scheduling Hernia Surgery - Time Limits

    1) You can choose any surgeon/doctor in the MPN. That doctor should also be within a reasonable distance from your home... generally 35 miles...or the CA can deny you that choice.

    2)...I want to take my time do some research and get various opinions before going under the knife ...If the surgery is reccommended to ''cure and/or relieve'' from the effects of your injury, and you decline...your TTD will stop. You are not going to be paid temp wage losss benefits while you ''investigate'' your options. You are of course entitled to a second opinion...not a third/fourth and so on. When you do finally decide to move forward with the treatment/surgery, benefits would be resumed. UNLESS you have reached the cap... TTD is 104 weeks, payable with in 5 years of your DOI. So...yes, there is a timeframe to finish your treatment.

    WC is geared to provide treatment in a manner expeditious to a return to work as soon as possible... whether that is pre injury emplloyer, or job doesn't really matter. Decitions in comp are based on medical evidence, as provided by your PTP and/or PQME/AME as the case may be. Benefits are not ongoing at the convenience of the EE/IW.

    If the diagnostics are conclusive to a hernia... what 'various opinions' do you need ? If you were to present to the emergency room at your local hospital... any surgeon on call would be ''fixing'' you up with out any other ''opinion'', and I have an idea you'd be pretty grateful the next morning.

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    Default Re: Scheduling Hernia Surgery - Time Limits

    Be very cautious in deciding about surgery. I had laporascopic abdomenal hernia repair two months ago . Still in alot of pain, feel stretched tight like an internal corsette with burning pain all around repair. I have to walk slow and I have no twist, turn, bend etc... ability with out burning pain. I wish you the very best.

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