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    Question Trouble Getting Medical Care After Serious Workplace Injury

    Hello, my husband became a IW in 06, at the young age of 29. He had a head injury (concusion), lower back injury (which a spinal fusion had to be done in 07), a knee injury (seems ok now), and suffers now from major depression, which has since been listed as post trama symd. but denied of course. He suffers from daily headaches, back pain, and some leg pain. His face even is swollen when the headaches are at there worse. Ok we are dealing w a SI company, and wow! No words can describe the stress they have put us through. We have been watched, taped, talked about. He has received TT, Wage cont, and now nothing. He has not been MMI yet, but getting close would be my guess, since they can't figure out the headaches. He has been told he will never be able to work at what he did before. So the VogWorks people that have been on the case since 2 weeks after the accident found him a job at a non-profit org. He worked there for a little over a year with several days off because of pain, but if he didn't go he had a little check or no check, so what is one to do, indure the pain so he could feed his family, and try to keep the house he had built for his family to live in without the bank taking it. Now he is off work again due to his POR orders, in request to more pain from his back and head. His back is starting to swell with activity and headaches are becoming to freq. Now C-9 and c-84 are being denied pending a IME, WoW! So What Is One To Do? We really wanted to see the Dr. who did the Spinal Fusion, had an appt. but was told to cancel it because of the denial. The depression is bad and we even paid out of pocket to see a Pys. a nd even did a 72 hr. prog. it was stated this is from the accident, still denied. HELP? I need all the adviced and suggestions anyone may have, cause this is awful. We honestly feel like a rubber band being streched to our limit, and it is getting ready to break.
    This is just a bit of what has happen, if I would go though it all it would b 5 pages.
    What to do? Where do I go next?
    I have read a few, several, alot of other post on here and they have been helpful Thank you.

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    Default Re: New, and Need Advice

    First get a Lawyer, we all go through this. Did your husband have a FCE or Voc Rehab? Did you have him apply for SSI? Stay Strong for him, this will test your marriage. I have been through this for 5 years & starting to see the end. I hope one of the more knowledgeable posters then me on here will chime in. There is a boat load of smarts on this site. Good Luck, DD

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    Default Re: New, and Need Advice

    The insurance tends to play games with those who are not presented, anything is worth a try.
    This is why it's wise to hire an attorney before problems arise, it keeps the IC honest and prevents alot of delays.
    The only option you have at this point is to seek a good lawyer and have him file for an expedited hearing a.s.p.
    I wish they would pass a law to protect you guys, anyone who's in the system longer than three months should have legal representation, it should be the standard.
    Anyhooo, here we are, time isn't your friend, you'll have to accept the consequences of what is.
    A good lawyer might be able to restore his weekly checks in 90 days and in time repair his case to where it should be.
    Meanwhile go to social services. apply for everthing!!!!
    There should be free mental health in your area, check out the county health department or
    try calling the depression hotline @ 1-800-231-1127, they may be able to advise what's available in your area..
    Take Care
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    Default Re: New, and Need Advice

    We have a Lawyer, not sure how good, but we have one. I still feel I have to stay on top of this, or else they will just run over top of us and let us hang like little people on a string or rope in there case. Any how I have a statement from one of the employers reps stating that if they could get a IME in their favor they could start terminating treatment and force us to act through a hearing.
    1 What does this mean? (through a hearing)
    2 How could they terminate treatment?
    Oh yes I have a bunch of other statements on paper that they have made referring to our case, and much of it is just awful how they have talked about us, and the things they have tried to do, to get us to quote "stop playing around" unquote. Wow wouldn't I love to be just playing around, then my husband may just be able to sleep a full nite in bed w me, play with the kids like he used to, and maybe just dance a jig w me. These people are just down right rude and indescribable. I just wonder how many can restfully lay their head upon a pillow at nite and sleep soundly. I just wish there was a way for my voice to be heard and somehow take a stand for all the IW out there, getting the ongoing stressful, daily painful, somehow our fault beat out of us.
    Thanks, nice to have someone listen to ya.

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    Default Re: Trouble Getting Medical Care After Serious Workplace Injury

    First things first. If your lawyer isn't helping go talk to another. If you feel more hope with this one they can do some paper work and switch off your representative to themselves. Others will tel you can not do this, I did so I know you can.
    Also if your husband will not be able to go back work work anytime soon or ever or even if you think that is a possibility go talk to a social security disability lawyer NOW. It takes a long time but if you win that based on his work injuries it helps your case massively if you end you applying for perm. total workers comp.
    We are finally on the other side of the fight. It took years and it was tough but we did it.
    If you have questions I can help with I will gladly. My main thing right now is does he need medications? I can help direct you to getting them free or darn near. Does he need treatment? I can tell you what steps to try to get that help. I was there, I know the stress and the worst thing is watching the man you love change and grow dark because he's in pain and it seems no one will help. We had no medical coverage except workers comp because he hadn't been working while trying to heal when he was diagnosed with cancer and I fought and made phone calls all day everyday until someone put me on the right road to help.
    Keep fighting and let him know no matter what changes he goes through no matter what he can no longer do you would rather focus on what you can do and what you still have together and that you love him. I know it's hard but the depression can get scary and they really need that reassurance from you more then anything.
    Good luck and let me know if I can help.

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