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    Unhappy Dr. Says Pain is in Headhelp

    Ok so this all started in Jan 09 I hurt my back had all the test done xrays mris dicogram dicogram showed large tear in the s-1 with leaking dr. said surgery I said let me think about it I decided on the surgery it was denied i was sent for an IME was told I was fine send her back to work forget all the other findings, got lawyer, got another IME this one said he is not sure if the pain I feel is real and needs more validation on the dicogram????Now they are sending me to a physiologist I am so confussed and the pain I feel is real very real and I am not sure how I can go back to work when even trying to do small household chores leaves in alot of pain the rest of the day I guess you could say I am fed up! I know the Insurance company wants me to give up and I am thinking maybe they are right sould I just say forget it and live with the pain or should I continue to fight for my rights to be treated? Please Help

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    Yes, you should continue to fight!!! They would like us to all just go away, thats why they make it so difficult on us. Iam glad you have an attorney, that should take off some of the stress.

    Stay and fight, get yourself taken care of, Good luck
    Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world...indeed...its the only thing that ever has - Author Margaret Mead

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