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    I had arthroscopic surgery on a torn meniscus and was given a 10% PPD rating. Since that time I have had three surgeries, one for a partial knee replacement (which did not work), one for exploratory to see why it did not work and a total knee replacement. I was doing well, post surgery after 5 months my doctor gave me a 10% PPD rating which is the same before I went through 3 surgeries. I have been taken off my celebrex and now my knee swells, I have trouble walking stairs and getting up from a sitting position. I have a return visit to my doc -- how are ratings determined. Are there guidelines?

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    That last rating of 10% following knee replacement is totally bogus. It may even be an honest mistake by the doc, who may have meant, "40%".

    The rating guideline states the minimum rating to be considered for a knee replacement with an optimum result, which you do not seem to have. A good second opinion doc selected by you and your lawyer will give you an appropriate rating. Probably the knee replacement minimum plus 5 or 10 more points.
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