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    Cool Worker's Comp Settlement for a Back Injury

    My question is how do I know I am getting a fair compromise and release settlement? I have a herniated disc at L4L5, no surgery just PT and 3 injuctions. I still have pain and unable to perform my pre injury job as an Occupational Therapist. I feel I am where I am going to be physical. I have suffered from depression and am now on anti-depressents, my lawyer did not want to claim this as part of the case, which I quess is ok because I don't want to be in this system any more. Peolpe following ect. Anyway is $175000
    a good settlement my laywer will get 20% of that.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my post, this is my first one ever!!!

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    Default Re: Worker's Comp. Settlement for Back Injury

    An average WC settlement in PA is equal to about 3-5 years of your total disability rate. This is an average and your particular case may be higher or lower.
    Timothy D. Belt, Esquire
    Helping injured workers in Northeast Pennsylvania.

    DISCLAIMER: This post is intended as general information applicable only to the state of Pennsylvania. The information given is based strictly upon the facts provided. This post is not intended to create an attorney client relationship, or to provide any specific guarantee of confidentiality.

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    Default Re: Worke's Comp. Settelment for Back Injury

    Timothy thank you for answering my question.

    My laywer never told me my diability rating. He did state that my company would not go 5 years. So I am a tad over 4 years. My rate was $814.00 a week. I thought 5 was fair, but my laywer said my company is self insured and they won't go any higher. So I feel better knowing at least it is within the normal range, not high or low.

    Thanks again!!!

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    Default Re: Worke's Comp. Settelment for Back Injury

    WoW, I'm impressed. I'm also in Pa. and I had a 3 level fusion in the cervical spine, w/plate and screws. have adjacent disc disease and looking at another surgery, it's been almost 2 yrs, and I just got offered 83K. so I would be very happy with that offer. and the 83K is flat, no future medical. of course my attorney turned it down, it' only came to a little over 2 yrs of salary.
    good luck to you, but based on the injury's i would think that sounds good to me. take care iod.
    i'm not sure if we can mention ins companies on the board, but if you want to pm me , I can tell you who my ins co is.

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    Default Re: Worke's Comp. Settelment for Back Injury

    I hope it comes out ok I've been released since june of last year and just now getting to the settelment hearing and att dr said 21% disability but don't know what insurance carriers dr says I haven't received any thing about it from my attorney so im worried I didn't have any surgery just physical therapy and 1 steroid injection it was a back injury I hurt worse after the injection then any other time.

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    Mine didn't tell me I had to read off the paper that my w/c attorney sent me in the mail but still waiting on I/c drs report.
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    Default Re: Worker's Comp Settlement for a Back Injury

    I was just wondering how everything played out? I have a very similar case and have my mediation hearing coming up.

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    Default Re: Worke's Comp. Settelment for Back Injury

    KADUFFY - I was wondering how did things play out? Thank you ! -

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    Default Re: Worke's Comp. Settelment for Back Injury

    you all should apply for ssdi you might get some money from it. not sure of the ammount of disability you have. the ssdi will figure it out.

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    Default Re: Worker's Comp Settlement for a Back Injury

    Yes, apply for SSDI. I've had a cervical fusion and rotator cuff, bicep tear, tendon and muscle transplant in right dominate arm. 15 years ago I had labrum tear cervical C 6-7. Totally healed. I was working full-time as a P.C.T. and attending nursing school full-time w a 16 (now 17) year old son. Divorced, ex left country. My attorney advised me to wait 6 months after cervical surgery, this one was C 5-6 w removal of old instrumentation of 15 year old surgery. Many medical complications and it didn't help that my surgeon left town! As soon as he left my job (a hospital!) stopped paying for meds to do radiculopathy, my nerves from spine are damaged. Hurts to walk, can't lift either arm, no range of motion in neck, headaches. Immediately after surgery and catheter was removed I had trouble urinating. After second time, I asked R.N. to please bladder scan me. It was >600cc in my bladder. (Humans feel judge to empty bladder at 150cc in bladder) The R.N. was angry I asked for the scan. I never said I did this as part of my job and that I had 1 month until I finished nursing school. Anyway, I used walker and walked around the hall, then wanted to urinate. No hat in comode! I asked nurse for hat. Again, attitude. I urinated only 200cc, with the >600 cc in bladder even if it was 601 cc, that would be 400cc to w much. But she didn't do a post urinary residue scan! Just the the hat in the trash and said I needed to get my things together b/c my room was needed at 5 pm! Thank God my sister was there, my heart stopped, the monitor was going off, she screamed for help, only to be told"that always happens" not sure what happened, I came to surrounded by white coats, someone taking my apical pulse and telling the nurse to get an oxygen mask, why wasn't there an oxygen mask, just nasal cannula. I stayed that night.
    Sorry for rambling. But I would tell my surgeon I had problems urinating and he looked at me like I was crazy. My body was filed with water. I gained 60lbs! I feel the plate, I have trouble swallowing 6 months later I stopped urinating!!! I had a catheter from the end on June until mid July. It is Post Operative Urinary Retention.
    I can't explain how my life changed. Like the rest of you, I had plans. I worked hard to make sure I could provide for my son. My schooling is done. My job. I loved being a patient care tech and I was very good and took care of my patients. I finished my clinicals in nursing. I loved the fact that I was doing what I loved. I advocated for my patients.
    Back to the subject, I'm sorry. I just wanted you to know a little about me.
    Apply for SSDI. I received it. They actually changed the date to the day I was injured at work! Because I was married, I was able to care for my mother during the years she battled cancer, no outside the house work. Also, my son was born with a rare disease, nicu for the first 4 months of his life. He is a miracle! I can't count the surgeries hrs had, but by 2 he had an illiostomy bag, reversal, didn't work, ostomy bag and reversal in 2 years. I'm not his biological mother, she gave me and my ex guardianship b/c she couldn't handle the disease. But he is truly a miracle.
    By SSDI is $740. I just made it with the credits. But it is a blessing. Currently I'm still on workers comp pay which equals 80%. I get $906.20 biweekly. I'm now 56. I don't get the ssdi money, but God provides for my son and me. I think I get Medicare, didn't read too much, just was grateful I received it. We are on Medicaid, but I make too much money from workers comp for LIHEAP, which I got when I worked? Too much for SNAP as well.
    I have a question and my lawyer tells me they are 2 different things. Social Security has all of my medical records. After that injury 15 years ago, I never had any health issues. They deemed me disabled and wrote in 7 years they may want to examine me. But my job is having me see an I.M.E. in 2 weeks. I have to bring all x-rays, mri's, c.t. scans ect. My surgery was done on the mri my job sent me to and interpreted that nothing was wrong. I went to my then surgeon to have him show me the herniated disk, he did. It was very clear, as well as the endplates that were protruding, this is only caused by trauma.
    Can the I.M.E. have any effect on my ssdi benefit and ruling? I just can't understand why I see him. Any thoughts on that? .Thank you in advance! I'm not sure what this about. I also
    My prayers are with you and your families. We are strong and believe me, I know this pain is real. I know how it feels to get to the point when you plan and work hard, only to have the rug pulled out from under you. But we are all in different and we can help each other. I promise not to write anymore essays. Peace, blessings and thank you for allowing me to join the/ , b

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