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    Default Must I Allow a DCM Into Doctor's Appointments

    i just learned that my case is a delaware case, does delaware's law state that i must allow a ncm in with me to see the dr and do i allow her access to my records?

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    Default Re: Ncm in De

    Regardless of your state, YOU control who is in the exam room with you.... you do not have to permit the NCM in...but you should not allow the NCM to converse with your PTP/Dr, w/o you present.

    Yes... the NCM/CA has the right to your medical records... and can request prior medicals... the ER/IC is only liable for PD/impairment due to this injury, if there are other factors that contribute, your Dr will have to address and rate to what % the non-industrial, or prior work injury affects the final PD/PPD rating.

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