I had back surgery 5/08 and am feeling much better. I have gone to Vesid to learn new trade and looking to get back to work. This is the thing: is a settlement based on your injury or 2/3 difference from old pay to new pay? Seems to me that if the 2/3 is the case, then a person should go for the lowest paying job he can find and after settlement find a better paying job. I ask this because I have had 3 IME's in the last six months and figure they are getting ready to settle. Also, how much or what % do they make you set aside for Medicare? I also am curious do they ever offer a settlement and contiue your medical? I had a microdiskectomy and foraminotomy, but I wonder if I will ever need more surgery... I just feel I am being screwed no matter what I do and I would rather take settlement and invest it, then if I need surgery use my investment. Help, I feel like I'm going crazy trying to figure which way to go with this. I wonder how much back surgery even costs?