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    I was injured in march, protruding discs etc. My ins dr told me last week that he does not feel i can return to my job because i can only do light to medium lifting and I must be rated as heavy. Plus still quite a bit of pain. he said i can probably get a part time job or I should consider vocational rehab. I have not received his report yet. But I am wondering if I go part time somwhere, which wouldn"t pay 1/4 of my pay even if I worked full time. Does anyone know what will happen to my benefits if i do this or should i just go with vocational rehab? My dr wants to do work hardening and see where it goes. he does not ffel i am a surgical candidate.
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    If you lose wages as a result of your injury and you have not reached maximum medical improvement, then the workers' comp insurance carrier is supposed to pay temporary income benefits. If you return to work earning less than your pre-injury wage, and that lost wage is because of your work injury (i.e. you can't work heavy labor anymore) and you haven't reached maximum medical improvement, then you should receive temporary income benefits.

    Once you reach maximum medical improvement, you will no longer be eligible to receive benefits to cover your lost wages.

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