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    Question Weekly Checks

    I have seen 2 IME's a couple of weeks ago. I did not recieve my work comp check. Can they cut you off without notice? And how soon would PPD pick up?

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    Generally speaking, once an IME is undertaken, the WC insurer will not issue further checks because the case is "under investigation." I'm not sure whether this should actually occur, but it's pretty customary in Wisconsin.

    Good luck.

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    If the carrier has a Dr's report that says you are MMI, and no longer entitled to wage loss/TTD benefits, they will stop the TTD checks.

    There is no phone call or note in the mail telling you to be prepared for the checks to stop... The CA's are not that ''user friendly''...

    You can find answers to many of your questions here at the WI WC web site.

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