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    Hello People. The latest with me, is the neuro's (Different kinds) have kept everything open, and declared me at MMI. TBI causes two different sized pupils, I lose balance in the dark, and have a bad attitude from constantly stubbing my toes and bumping my elbows. I must be careful in the bathroom, or I sit to far to the side, and fall off. (Never put a young rooster in the henhouse...they fall off...)

    I got a letter from the IC asking if "there is interest in a global settlement." I remain Permanently Totally Disabled, yet don't understand "Global Settlement". Will someone please enlighten me? Thank you all.

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    Just means you release the parties involved in your claim from ALL future will never try to come back and claim further benefits. Ever.
    In the settlement agreement it is also spelled out how, and by whom your benefits, or settlement money will be paid, lump sum.

    There are all kinds of links on the web, just do a search, or go here

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    BvIA, Thanks for the info. As before, it's appreciated.

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