I very recently received a "return to work" on light duty for 90 days letter from my employer.It ordered me back to work for Christmas day on light duty. Per the results of my recent IME. Even though there are no light duty posts that do not have inmate contact in the jail where I work. The certified RTW letter arrived on 12/17/09, but it was dated 11/12/09? Why the 5 week time delay? Why Christmas day? I also received a copy of the IME doctor`s report. In it he said the following things. 1- I am not back to my preinjury baseline. 2- I will require restrictions in order to return. 3- In his opinion I am at MMI or maximum medical improvement for my injuries. Three statements which I agree with. I am presently covered by heart & lung benefits for injured officers. I gave the RTW letter to my lawyer. But have yet to get the IME report to him to review. He answered the RTW letter with a fax asking for a detailed job description of my duties on light duty. So that my treating doctor can review and approve them. I wait to talk to him early next week. With all things being said. Do I have to to RTW if my doctor does not approve of their light duty assignments?