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    Default Spine Injury at Work

    This has all been a frustrating Process and turn of events for me. I have lost so much money with being out of work, and the sad part even in a struggling Economy went threw 5 lay offs and was still able to hold my job as I was very versatile and a asset to the company that they kept me working.

    Granted I had to do jobs that were not of my liking, but I did what IO had to do for myself and my Family as in this economy you had to do what you do to survive.

    That's were my Problem Arose as I was set up doing something I don't normally do and got hurt that put me out of work and on this roller costar of a ride.

    I injured my L5 S1 a Spinal Injury as I Have DDD and a Ruptured Disc that has created me Great Pain over the Past 7 months.

    I have been in PT and Doctor after Doctor to the point they want to remove the Disc as it is in such Bad shape as they said after 6 months if it is not better that it wont get any better..

    I got approved for long term Disability from my Insurance and I have applied for S.S with the hope of having some income down the road.

    They say I can't return to my old job that I have to change my Career but after doing the same thing for the past 30 years I don't know what else I could do.

    Last week they sent me to see there Doctor meaning a workers comp Doctor who told me I need the surgery but these disc replacement are not a great thing as there is no proof that they last.

    He did tell the Insurence company I could go back too work with limitations of not being able to lift more then 10 pounds and I can not operate anything with Pedals do to my leg Pain and Numbness.

    The Insurance company said they would send me a list of jobs in the area, which is bull as there is no jobs out there that I will get paid what I was making and who wants someone who can't sit or stand for more the 20 minutes and on heavy medications.

    My Doctor has not returned me and I have contacted my lawyer who is suppose to be on top of it but I am scared.

    Four months ago I also had a break down and started to cry about everything as the depression set in. I was diagnosed with a BI Polor Depression as I started to see and hear voices that were not there.

    This is all new to me and I am scared and frustrated and very depressed to the point I have thought about just ending it all.

    The insurance company and their Doctors don't care and I just don't know as I have done the same thing as far as work for 30 years and have worked really hard to get to were I am at 7 months ago and all of a sudden it is gone.

    Return to work- who do I listen too my Doctor who has not realeased me or theirs.

    will my Long term disability be effected by there doctor saying I can lift 10 pounds when I really can't as it is not like he gave me some waits to see if I can lift it as I have trouble picking up a shampoo bottle as I can't bend over.

    Also will my application for SS be effect with thier Docter saying I can go back to work with lifting onlt 10 pound and not being able to opperate anything with peddle.

    so what I can't drive now, will I lose my license now as I don't feel anything in my left leg

    How will [I] get to this 10 pound lift job and what if I get there and I have to call 911 due to the pain.

    I'm going Nuts here as so many things are going thru my mind and it scares the hell out of me

    I do have a attorney but we are waiting for them to send there workers comp paid Doctor notes as they called me the same day I saw there Doctor saying they want to settle right away, knowing I had a attorney.

    I am so confused and frustrated with all this, as it is even hard to sit here and type this but I need to vent...........Thanks for any response

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    Default Re: Nightmare

    It might help some to make yourself familiar with the Delaware WC statutes, rules etc, and what benefits you may be eligbile for.

    SSA has a much higher treatshold for determining if you are ''disabled'' under their rules.
    Information on the process is here

    A referral from your Dr to a pain management facility would provide some help through counseling to handle the depression and fear you are experiencing...If your Dr can make even a casual connection to your org injury. Talk to your Dr about this as soon as possible.

    Your LTD could very well be affected by the comp Dr's opinion you are capable of performing sedentary work. The goal of WC is to get you back to work as soon as practical. That reduces their exposure to wage loss benefits sooner than later.

    I injured my L5 S1 a Spinal Injury as I Have DDD and a Ruptured Disc that has created me Great Pain over the Past 7 months.
    Long terms of PT are not going to ''cure'' your injury... while PT may offer some respite to the condition, if surgery is indicated, that is something you should consider.
    The DDD and prior rupture are aggreviated by your work injury, and you are entitled to medical treatment, IF there is a final rating to PPD/PD once you have reached a stable condition, those pre exsisting conditions will contribute to the causation of your PPD and reduce your rating, and final award/settlement. The ER/IC is only liable for the permenant impairment DUE TO this injury. Your Dr will address that issue when the time comes to declare you MMI... a point where further treatment isn't going to change your condition better or worse in the next 12 months or so.

    If you think your condition will last at least 12 months... you should apply for SSDI now. That process can take an extended period of time when you factor in the appeals process.

    Your frustration and feelings are understandable.... but, sadly that is the WC process.
    Good luck to you..

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