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    Default Amount of SSDI Benefits

    What determines the amount one recieves monthly if you are aproved ssdi.

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    Default Re: Ssdi

    You recieve a yearly statement from SS telling you what you're eligible for.
    It's based on your highest 3 years (I think, can't remember off hand) of earned income.

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    Default Re: Ssdi

    SSA has an on line calculator where you can get an estimate of your SSDI benefit amount..., you need to have your latest earnings statement for the year 2009.
    This also assumes you have enough credits. Credits are quarters of qualifyinig generally requires 40 credits, or quarters to qualify and base a amount on.

    One of the biggest questions applicants have is what years a benefit is based on...
    Q. Are my benefits figured on my last five years of earnings?
    A. No. Retirement benefit calculations are based on your average earnings during a lifetime of work under the Social Security system. For most current and future retirees, we will average your 35 highest years of earnings. Years in which you have low earnings or no earnings may be counted to bring the total years of earnings up to 35.
    Some of this information refers to ''retirement'', but when you receive SSDI you are basically taking ''early retirement'', and your benefit is reduced in a similar fashion.
    There are more Q&A's and a disability planner here
    This disability planner will explain the benefits available, how you can qualify, and who can receive benefits on your earnings record. It will also explain how to apply for the benefits and what happens when your application is approved.

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