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    Default Mileage Reimbursment Rate for Nm

    What is the Workman's Comp mileage reimbursment rate for NM in 9/2008 and 2010?

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    Default Re: Mileage Reimbursment Rate for Nm

    Did you call the CA/claims adjuster, and ask for the form...that should have the rate for the year you are requesting.
    Or check the NM web site...
    Travel and Mileage Expenses
    You are entitled to be paid reasonable amounts for the cost of travel to and from all medical treatment and examinations, if the distance traveled is 15 miles or more each way.
    Rates are unchanged in 2008.

    Rates for covered expenses are as follows:

    •Mileage for travel in a private automobile:
    32 cents per mile
    more here

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