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    Default I Have 40% Disability and Sedgwick Wants to Buy Me Out for 5k

    To anyone that gets hurt in the state of wv you are only worth $5000 to workers comp after you get all your per centage settlements. If you don't have at least 70% disability in per cents then they will offer you $5000.00 to release them from any medical responsibility they are liable for. I hope this sinks in to anybody who reads this, they are your job insurance if you work in wv so when you let your claims expire and you don't have the 70% all they are responsible for is paying for you a doctor and medicine which is impossible to get. If anybody knows of a good compensation lawyer please let me know. I had a prominent atty in Beckley and he just up and retired and left me holding the bag. I am seriously thinking on taking the 5k and just getting out it is becoming more of a head ache to deal with than its worth........

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    Default Re: I Have 40% Disability and Sedgwick Wants to Buy Me Out for 5k

    WC benefits are limited to begin with... and settlements are pretty much pre determined.
    THe indemnity you are paid is based on your PD/PPD once you have recovered from the injury and rated for impairment/disability.

    5K may be your indemnity award...there are lots of IW who receive much more than that amount.
    Information on the WC benefits and statutes in WVA is here

    It is difficult to tell what your situation is based on the info you post here... do you have a question..specific?

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    Default Re: I Have 40% Disability and Sedgwick Wants to Buy Me Out for 5k

    I just joined so this information is probably to late, but in WV once you settle you might be responsible for future medicals. Settling a claim can be very risky. If you are on SSD/medicare, there are offsets and set asides to consider before you settle.

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