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    Default Re: Thank You Workman's Compensation

    Iam soooo sorry to hear about your Dad. Please keep us updated. He will be in out thoughts and prayers.

    Please take Kelly38 up on her offer. Send her a PM, she has been involved in a couple advocate groups. Hopefully she will point you in the right direction.

    Please let your father know we are thinking about him. I wish I could give some advice, but the same bastards that have done this to you guys are trying to do it to me. Just a different IC.

    Please try to stay strong for your Mother also.. Take care
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    Default Re: Thank You Workman's Compensation

    Please let the hospital Social Workers know of the situation your family is in, they may be able to help.

    Also contact United Way 211 or google United Way 211.

    If You will provide the town & state where you live I will do a search of resources for you. Community Action Programs are another resource that may be able to help with housing.

    Saying prayer for your family.


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    Default Re: Thank You Workman's Compensation

    Those coming into this mess may not realize they are fighting for their lives. I am in pain hearing this news. Is there an update for Shooter?

    We had a snow storm in CT that never really happened but they cancelled the re-appointment hearing for the CT WC Commissioner before the State of CT Legislative Judiciary Committee. Here is my closing statement I did not get to present today, but the entire letter is posted on my website. You can substitute your WC Commissioners name.

    "Confirming John as Chairman of Connecticut Workers Compensation you will be killing Connecticut Workers and sentencing the family for generations to despair and poverty."
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    Default Re: Thank You Workman's Compensation

    No wonder people are walking into corporate offices w/ guns and bombs. SOTT

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    Shooters Daughter
    My Dad was found this afternoon in our home. He was unresponsive.
    Hi sweetheart, sorry to hear about this.
    I hope things work out for you and your family, I will keep your dad in my prayers.
    I've been having good luck with the OLE BOY upstairs when it comes to these matters lately, maybe he can do us just one more favor.
    For right now, call the Salvation Army and see if they can help, the goal for now is to make it day by day, don't worry about tomorrow.

    There should also be a social worker at that hospital, ask to talk to them and they can give you a direction to go for help.

    Keep us posted.
    God Bless
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