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    Default Injury with Prior Asymptomatic Degenerative Disk Disease

    hello iam 38 yrs old and got hurt on the job about a yr ago i had surgery to my lower back i do have an attorney in my case and they want to settle out my attorney had a deposition with the dr. that did the surgery and said i had degenerative disk disease and movement to my disk he doesnt know if it happened at work or if it was there and it aggravated an old injury i never had problems with my back the docter also states that i will not go back to what i do for living is this gonna effect what i should be getting because my dr. said it was aggravated and it looks like an old injury but he also said he doesnt know if it was there and also i cant work anymore?.....

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    Default Re: Help

    What type of petition is currently pending? If this is a Claim Petition, you will need to establish a causal connection, and if your doctor said that he doesn't know if it happened at work, that is probably not going to cut it.
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