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    Question Medication Advice

    I have been taking the medication celebrex since 1996 for my workmans comp injury. I now have my doctor sending me to a very expensive g. i. doctor due to the affects of this medication has had on my body. Since this medication that has been prescribed for my workmans comp injury,and has now caused further damage to my body, is workmans comp libel for the cost of doctor and treatment? I cannot get an answer from my case worker. HELP!!!

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    It certainly should be. However IF you let the WC IC off the hook for it then you can expect them NOT to pay. You need to get in touch with an experienced WC ATTORNEY ASAP, not just taking your case workers advise. A case worker will be doing all they can to protect the IC from financial exposure, at your expense.

    BTW several years ago the FDA demanded that Celebrex have a black box warning placed for cardio problems it was already well known that it caused GI problems. It was at the same time that a couple of other NSAIDS were permanently pulled from the market. In fact Celebrex was pulled for a short time. Seems like it was somewhere around 04 or 05 I can't remember for sure.

    Most any NSAIDS will cause GI problems, especially if taken long term. I have taken Celebrex and still do from time to time for my hand injuries but I am very judicial with it's use.

    I advise that you try to find a different medication that will help you that does NOT come with the side effects that NSAIDS do. I also highly suggest that you contact a good WC attorney as the IC most likely volunteer to pay for your bills caused by the meds you take for your work injury.

    Take Care and Be Well.

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    Take Care and Be Well.

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