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    Filling the anwers out that the other attorney is asking and ran into the question list any and all injuries other than wc injuries, any accidents personal injuries before my injury on the job that i can remember. How far back can they go if you can't remember about what happened 20 yrs. Ago

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    The want to be able to see if there is anything to explain any of your current symptoms. I just had a case where my client forgot about a back strain and neck strain 20 and 10 years earlier, respectively. We went to a hearing on the issue and we are waiting on the ruling. Right now, its not about the fact that she "forgot" its about credibility with the judge. If the judge agrees with us that a back strain 20 years ago has nothing to do with her current slip and fall, then we are fine. However, if the judge wants to point to the fact that she forgot as a credibility issue, then the judge will start to think, "well what else has she not been truthful about?" Always disclose everything...
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