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    Default Can Your Employer Require You to File a Workers Comp Claim

    I was injured on the job a couple of weeks back, but it was nothing too serious that I wasn't willing to take care of with my own insurance company. When I returned back to work a couple of days later then, my immediate supervisor was telling me that I had to go to their doctor's and file for WC? I was always under the impression that if someone wants to file for WC it is entirely up to that employee whether or not they wish to take that route. My job is making it seem like I have to file WC or there is a problem! Can they do this?

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    Default Re: Force You to Do WC

    YES they can and certainly should. It protects everyone including you Skeeter. Why would you NOT want to file an industrial injury under WC?

    "He who is his own lawyer has a fool for a client"
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    Take Care and Be Well.

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    Default Re: Force You to Do WC

    Your personel insurance is going to want there money back. You need to file a claim with WC to protect yourself. You may recover fine but also, you may not. There not your friends when it comes to company profit.

    They are correct and are looking out for your interest also. Your personnel has probably found out it was a work related injury and they want there money back and dont want to pay for future medical.

    Theres no choice you have, If it was work related you cant pick which one you want. You have to file a claim with WC.

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    Default Re: Can Your Employer Require You to File a Workers Comp Claim

    Your employer can't force you to seek medical attention. However, there are policies and procedures in place to protect you as well as the company in the event the incident or your injuries get worse or you decide later to file a claim. They already have the workers Comp claimed filed and record they did what is required of them. It is just good business on the part of the employer and yourself.

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    Default Re: Can Your Employer Require You to File a Workers Comp Claim

    mas24546 , I 100 % agree with you ! Excellent attitude ! We all should insist on the FACT that an AMERICAN worker is an ASSET ! ! ! The problem we workers are fighting , Injured or not , is the FACT that Corporate America decided to change Us to an "Expense " , Therefore enabling them to cut expenses , during the "recession " , show huge PROFITS , and look great , on the balance sheet . ATTITUDE IS ONE OF THE MOST POWERFUL TOOLS IN OUR FOUNDATION ! ! ! P.S. I probably should have moved my "Rant "to " BANTER " ? ...... I , myself , always leave room for learning . Thanks
    Quote Quoting mas24546 View Post
    A WORKER IS AN ASSET TO ANY ORGANIZATION.A WC should be filed. Insurance should pay you a compensation. Take Care of your health. Cheers.!

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