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    I need some help. My IC asked if I was interested in a settlement. My mmi is 22% I had a cervical injury and had a laminoplasty but left me with chronic pain. I also suffered a low back injury which has not been addressed because of the severity of my scoliosis and I only receive injections for that. I see my pain Dr and psychiatrist montly because of the accident. I have chronic pain and have been declared permanent and totally disabled. I am unemployable or trainable and is lucky to get out of bed daily. I now use a walking cane, wheelchair and scooter all of which I received from WC along with a handicapped bed, bathroom was renovated to be handicapped accessible. I receive bi weekly pymnts. I had worked for my employer for 31years prior to my accident. My doctor wrote a rx for a handicapped minivan(but u may have read was denied). My wife has not been able to work because she is my care giver. I dont want to get low balled. I do not have an attorney at this time. I am trying to see what the offer is. I was told my msa is $215,000 but have not seen it in writiing. Pleeez can someone help me. I keep reading there are sooooo many statues, I'm confused

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    You need to consult with an attorney. Who told you the amount of the MSA? Was it the adjuster? If so request she send you a copy of this. A settlement in a case like yours is complicated and you will need legal assistance.

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    Thxs, the adjuster verbally told me over the phone the MSA. I will request from her a written notice of the MSA amount as quoted. I was told to never trust the verbal, but get it in writing.

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