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    Default Attending Doctor Appointments or Physical Therapy During Work Hours

    I suffered a work injury... I have not missed a single days work over it yet my HR Director is giving me a hard time because the hand specialist I have to see could only see me during my work hours.

    Up to this point I have made ALL of my doctor appointments and therapy appointments for after work hours.

    The Workmans Comp doctors office were the ones who made the appointment, so it wasn't even my doing.

    The HR person said "I'll let it go "This time".... Is she allowed to do this?????

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    Default Re: Are You Permitted to Have Doctor Appointments And/or Physical Therapy Appointment

    This is an interesting question. Current case law indicates that you are not entitled to wage loss benefits for time missed from work to attend doctor's appointments for your work injury if those appointments can be scheduled outside of working hours. This at least infers that you would be entitled to wage loss benefits if the appointments are not available outside of working hours.

    However, your real question is whether or not you can be disciplined for attending a doctor's appointment during working hours. Barring a union contract or other contract, I think that you can, but if the discipline rises to the level of suspension or termination, it would seem that your loss of earnings would be as a direct result of your work injury and you would be entitled to a reinstatement of wage loss benefits.

    On a side note, if this is a policy that is not applied across the board to all employees, this practice could be viewed as retaliation for filing a WC claim. In other words, if you are allowed to go to the doctor during working hours for a cold but not for your work injury, a separate claim may exist.
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    Default Re: Are You Permitted to Have Doctor Appointments And/or Physical Therapy Appointment

    Thank you very much for the info

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