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    my question is, if a workcomp judge approves a stip/award and does not
    apply LC 4658 (d) 2 to an injured worker who qualifies for the 15% increase
    in weekly payments how can the now ex employee recover this benefit..?

    any idea why a judge would NOT apply this benefit to ones case?

    does LC 5450 mean anything ? the judge was asked about this at the stip
    signing and stated LC 4658 was no longer good law and it does not apply..

    this was a few months ago so it may be too late to do anything about it
    but if its not too late then great.!

    unrepped at signing too if that matters at all...........

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    Default Re: Stip and Award

    is this thing on ? ......ooh tough crowd.......just kidding, back to the I&A folks i guess, maybe this one was a little too gray..... peace.

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    Default Re: Stip and Award

    This isn't a free legal aid board, the common man has no clue as to what you're talking about.
    I'm not going to get into playing lawyer or a know it all, don't have the time or desire.
    There are legal boards out there that might be of help, this isn't it although some have attempted to make it so.

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    Default Re: Stip and Award

    sorry Tony, i got carried away a bit.
    i will try and keep it more hamonious with the board.
    i didnt quite understand but it is clear now...................thx pv

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