HI! My husband got hurt at work in 2009 and was taken to the hospital and a workers comp case was opened. He got better after a week and returned to work. A few months later he was at home putting on a sock and hurt his back again. I took him to the hospital and gave them our insurance information. The doctor at the ER said it was related to the original w/c claim but I wasn't sure and didn't want to cause any problems so just billed our insurance. About a month ago, he was at work, and his back flared up again. His work was funny about it and told him to take some sick days. The doctor said it was definitely related to the 1st injury and should be covered under workers comp. They had me call the w/c adjuster and the guy was a bit of a jerk about it. He told me he wasn't sure it would be covered under the 1st injury and that my husbands work said it happened at home and not at work. The doctor told me not to worry about it because he would state it was all related to the first work-related injury. How or when will we know if they are going to cover it under workers comp?

Also, he went back to work on "light duty" and they told him he can work until Saturday and then he has to take a mandatory 2 weeks off and he should file for unemployment? The doctor said in his report that he has a 3-4 week recovery time and his work said they want him to rest and not re injure his back. Isn't it weird they want him to work through Saturday and then take 2 weeks off? If they are so worried then why have him work for 3 days then take the mandatory time off and collect unemployment?

Is it wise to get a lawyer? All we want is for his back to get better and return to his regular job. I do not want to cause problems by getting an attorney but we also cannot afford for him to loose his job or be crippled up for life.

Any ideas? Thanks!