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    Default Changing Jobs While Out on WC

    Hello... So, my husband was injured back in June of 2008. After many rounds of "diagnosis" & "RTW" statuts he did return to the job he had. They demoted him (but never cut his salary). After a few months of being threatened to be fired (WC case still active) my husband found a similar job & took a massive pay cut. While working at company B he became unable to work again and went on leave being paid his workers comp salary from company A. All has been fine & dandy for the last year.

    My husband was laid off while out on (unpaid) FMLA from company B. Now the IC has quit paying his salary too. Can they do that? He's still has an active work release stating that he will be out until Jan 2011 at which time the doc will reevaluate his condition. Also, he finally got an MRI on his shoulder & has a torn rotator cuff which looks like he'll need surgery (2 years with no treatment). So will the IC finally start paying him again?

    So my questions are:
    1. Can the IC just quit paying his salary? They do withhold checks randomly... about one or two every 5 months, until our lawyer calls & then they miraciously show up.

    2. With him having a release that states he can't work from 2 doctors how can he get a job?

    3. He was our ONLY source of income. Will this weigh into the IC need to speed this up?


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    Default Re: Changing Jobs While Out on WC

    EDIT: He's never been "MMI" during the changing of jobs or such....

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    Default Re: Changing Jobs While Out on WC

    Disregard... It was resolved before I even posted...

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