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    Default How to Reopen an Old Claim

    Well here is the deal back in 2000 i was injured on the job did all i was supposed to do until i noticed some fishy stuff going on. My low back was injured at the time and they told me i was experiencing Physco semantic pains and nothing was wrong with me and they also sent me to a psychiatrist and after the psychiatrist visit i was contacted by workers comp and told i was kicked off due to non compliance of the program. And the lawyer i had said there was nothing i could do. He got his money of course and i think i got like 900 for missed wages compensation. Now being young at the time i didn't know any better when a attorney tells me this.

    Thing is now in 2010 i just had surgery l4-l5 l5-s1 fusion in refference to the same exact thing i was telling them was wrong. Is there anyway i can take them back to court and get what i rightfuly deserve? Or is it not worth my time to try and fight the system and deal with the pain i live with on a daily basis even after the surgery.

    Any advice would be awsome thanks.

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    Default Re: Reopen a Old Claim

    You may want to contact Missouri Division of Workers Compensation, they should have an answer for your question.

    St Louis 314-621-6681

    Kansas City 861-221-9472

    Springfield 417-831-2783

    Good Luck...

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    Default Re: How to Reopen an Old Claim

    I believe you can get your medical paid for, as far as personal compensation, I do not believe that you are able to. I know it does not seem fair to you, but to them it does.

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