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    Default L5 S1 is Total Disc Replacement Good or Just a Problem Down the Road

    This post was attended for another Article but it was 120 days old and said I can't post and I can't type anymore do to the pain I'm in right now. Just needed to scream some on here.

    That Inspirational. I'm in the Same boat and I'm Glad to hear that Everything is going Great for you. I understand it is scary and I'm at that Point as there is no study to show total Disc replacement Last 20 Years or More.

    As if things aren't bad enough, let's meet the dreaded

    1. Grade V Full Thickness Annular Tear I Own

    2. Posterior Arch defect on left side of S1

    3. Transitional Vertebra of S1

    4. Spina Bifida Occulta of L5

    5. DDD

    Spina bifida occulta a surgical trap ?????

    I'm not sure what to do as my mind and body are Drained

    WC I have a Attorney who says that I will be on workers comp for the rest of my life, so I agree never close your case as you may Experience problems down the road that you need help with.

    I'm not sure what will happen in my Case as we have a IAD Hearing as the wc had there Doctor release me to less the 10 pounds, but my Doctor says I can't and I really can't lift that or sit stand walk for more then a 1/2 to a hour at a time when the pain becomes so great I can't move.

    Basically when seeing a paid Doctor for the Insurance company DME They lean more in favor of the Insurance Company, as if I have the surgery as you did they will drop it till a later date as they can't win if I have the surgery.

    I hate being pushed to make such a big Decision as I want to get second Opinions

    Disco with Ct Scan done last week 2/24/10 one year into this and out of work and it is getting worse they said.

    No Improvements but they do agree I can't go back too what I used to do but they think I can do something like Deliver mail or sit at a desk and watch a computer screen.

    What is going through my mind is that I will never make the kind of money I did and even in a struggling Economy working for a company I had Job Security.

    I don't Blame them but since my Injury 3 years ago (Hurt on the Job and went back to work) I told them I can't do this and I need help with that.

    They didn't Listen and set me up doing things I really couldn't do and this is what Happens. (I got Hurt) I understood at the time we were short handed do to the lay offs so I did the work, but now I wish I was layed off as I wouldn't be going through this and I would have a better future then what I have now.

    I can't even go Grocery shopping or clean for myself with out the help from friends or Family.

    Anyway I'm Lost and Confused and so Frustrated and to make it worse They Diagnosed me with being Bipolor do to the Episodes I have on a Daily Bases.

    I'm Glad things worked out for you and I hope the same will happen with me. God Bless and thanks for posting.
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