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    Talking Just Got Approved for Social Security Disability

    Ok just wanted to share my great news with all of you.... i go late this week to fill out the last of the paper work but I have been aproved already.. I am so excited.. Not sure if they are going to use the first date I filed which would of been in 2006 or when i filed in dec of 2009 because they made me refile in 2009 because i didnt appeal the decission in 2006 it would be great if they pay me from 2006 but its ok if not anything is better than nothing... I am still getting TTD so i will only get an addional 14% from what I understand which will bring me up to 80% of my wages from 2005... I will never get this it is so confussing. Once I am declared MMI then I think i will get 100% but I dont know... wish me luck and have a great day all

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    Default Re: Just Got Approved for Ssdisability

    BigD, I do wish you luck. Thanks for sharing your great news. What a relief it must be. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

    Keep us posted and take care.
    Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world...indeed...its the only thing that ever has - Author Margaret Mead

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