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    Default Tooth Broken in On-The-Job Fall

    I fell while on a job and landed on my face breaking off the bottom of my front tooth. I took a pretty good tumble and the inside of my mouth got pretty cut up. My jaw was black and blue and I was pretty sore for a week afterwards.

    There does not appear to be any long term effects except that about 15 to 20% of my largest front tooth is now missing. I am continually having to explain to people what happened.

    I contacted the employer right away (I am a free lancer that was contracted for the job) and was notified by their workman's comp carrier in Las Vegas.

    I often work for a company that represents many top dentists and I was referred to a wonderful dentist. I told the insurance company that I wanted to use them for the repair.

    They said I could go to my dentist but they would only pay if I used their dentist!

    The quotes from my dentist to do a crown (instead of bonding) what he says is the only proper way to repair this particular tooth -- was very reasonable (just a bit over $1000) He took xrays did a complete evaluation and gave me a written quote. Even so the claim agent says I must use THEIR approved dentist and that my "dentist is not on their list".

    I work in the entertainment industry and my appearance is important. My dentist told me if this tooth is fixed cheaply or haphazardly that it will likely discolor in a few years and that there is a high possibility of recurrent fracturing if only bonding is done.

    Shouldn't I be able to use my own dentist and get this fixed right? I am surprised they would fight me on this. I could have claimed so much worse injuries if I wanted to take advantage of the situation.

    I just want my tooth fixed properly, and it is dragging on into the second month with my tooth still not fixed.

    Any help is appreciated.


    Chipped in Las Vegas

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    Cool Re: Tooth Broken in On-The-Job Fall

    Hi bigchip,
    Thats typical of them...personally I would ask if they would pay you and then you go to your choice of may have a small difference but!?....if your not being treated right then I would sure ask about getting the rest of you looked at since it was a hard fall and you have the right to be looked at if you have any other ailments from falling. I had the same attitude when I had my injury and I thank them everyday for questioning/doubting my injuries...I would have walked much sooner had I not been jerked around by them...I didnt know my injuries were as bad as they were. Dont weaken and stand firm! they have no choice....tell them you are going to an attorney if they dont pay. My goodness its a $1000 for dental work.

    Good luck!

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