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    I was injured Dec of 2009 (ankle injury) and had received care from my workman's comp podiatrist and physical therapist for two years. Since last Jan. my podiatrist stated that would not be able to return to my usual and customary occupation.. a report of a Permanent and Stationary report was given by my physician to my Workman's Comp Co. I agreed to a Compromise and Release and a retraining voucher.

    Last October, I signed and returned a Settlement Response Form to my Claims Examiner to forward to the WCAB. Last week i received a Notice of Hearing letter from the WCAB, which stated that they are requesting a Status hearing Conference. In the comments area it states that: Hearing set on disapproval of C & R, and Ogilvie analysis is requested of defense by the judge.

    What am I to expect and how should I prepare for this hearing?
    I appreciate any help or input.

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    I would contact n I&A (information and assistance officer) at your local WCAB about this. It sounds like from your post, that the judge may not think your C&R amount was not adequate. I am only taking a guess, as I do not know the specifics of your case, and you should not post them here.

    If you click the above link, it starts out with the Almeraz Guzman case, then scroll down to the Ogalvie case.
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