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    Question Released to Work With Restrictions, but No Restricted Work is Available

    What happens after the WC doctor releases you to go back to work with restrictions, but your job will not let you come back with those restrictions. I am still receiving monthly WC payments. I go see the Neurologist doc I have been seeing for my T12 fracture this next Wednesday. I am still having allot of pain when I try to walk. I went to see another Neurosurgeon on my own (I've known him foe quite awhile). he looked at the MRI from Feb. and said my vertebra was still collapsed 50 to 60%. The WC doc had already done a procedure where they fill the vertebra with cement, and the X Ray's he took look alright to him. (He's only looking at the XRay not the MRI). At the same time I'm also having allot of pain in the lower back and now that needs a fusion because there's a protrusion of a disk into the spine. I work in the government in Oklahoma. Any ideas as to what the next step might be by WC? I'm also using my private insurance through my company for the lower back fusion because I've had problems in the past with it, but nothing compared to what I'm going through now in just lifting a glass of water. Thanks for any suggestions. By the way I'm a female age 58 and also have Osteoporosis.

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    Default Re: The Next Step

    If your employer cannot accommodate your restrictions, then you will draw your ppd until they can accommodate or you treating physician puts you at mmi...

    Just remember, although your not working, do not do anything outside of your restrictions. You never know who's watching.....

    Good Luck.....

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    Default Re: The Next Step

    If you cannot return to your pre injury job due to your restrictions, you'd be offered VR services, IF available in OK.
    There may or may not be continuing wage loss benefits paid, or wage differential.
    Consult with an attorney handling primarily comp/injury claims.

    WC is intended to pay benefits, ... wage replacement, treatment, and indemnity if there is residual permenant disability/impairment due to this injury. There is an eventual end to the benefits you may be eligible for, unless you are rated 100% permenant disabled.
    A return to pre injury condition through the treatment provided is not necessarily the goal. A return to functional capacity, and gainful employment is all that the ER/IC is mandated to provide.

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    Post Re: The Next Step

    Thanks for the information. All I want is to return to be able to do my job, but I don't see that happening. I've been thinking of applying for SSDI. Any thoughts?

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    Default Re: Released to Work With Restrictions, but No Restricted Work is Available

    I was release from my doctor on 6/07/10 to return to work with work restriction of 15lbs. I had sugery on my left shoulder due to a torn rototor cuff on 3/19/10 i been going to phyical therpy 3 days a week. I do recieve wc every week for my injury.I return to work on 6/08/10 they call me in the office in said to me that we have two problems with me returning to work,(1) was that wc wont let me drive company trucks because of my surgery(2) I had too many neg points on my driving record,they said normaly when you have negtive points o ur dmv they will put you somewhere else in the work area,but by me having 15lbs work restriction they had to let me go.I just need to know what can i do.I could be filing papers in the office instead of them letting me go,thats what usually have done in the past.

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