I am receiving weekly W.C. payments for a permanent injury agreed to in court. The amount received is a little under the $400/week, since my injuries were earlier. In 2008 i was diagnosed with carpal tunnel and had surgery to both hands at years end.The rate for the CTS is at $500 per week.

I just went to a hearing and had a judgment rendered. I initially thought that since this was a separate case that i would receive a SLU one lump payment....wrong. The carrier wants to pay up to the $400 which gives them about 10 years to pay the CTS injury off. My Lawyer and the Judge agreed to go to the $500. So subtract $350 from $500 and that is the extra per week the carrier is to pay. I was told there is not a lot or no case history on this type of situation, which i find hard to believe.

Now, the question, especially to any lawyer out there;
Why is this not treated as a separate case and the obligation to pay the CTS SLU is not in one lump sum?