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    Default Using Vacation Time While on Workers Comp

    I wanted to use my vacation time while I was on workers comp. I was only getting a fraction of what I normally make, so I needed to supplement.
    I just got my final paycheck - I got fired the day after returning from workers comp - and it was about 700 short of what it should have been, this could only be because they denied me my vacation time. Is this legal? Are you not allowed to take vacation time to supplement?

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    Default Re: Using Vacation Time While on Workers Comp

    I used my vacation time to make up the difference between max WC pay, and what I normally get.

    I don't know what the law is regarding this though.

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    Default Re: Using Vacation Time While on Workers Comp

    Vacation time is not under the jurisdiction of WC.
    You'd have to go to the labor board for your answer.
    Whether or not employees have any vested rights to vacation/PTO/sick leave days would be under the labor laws, and jurisdiction.

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