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    Default Back Pay for TTD

    My workers compensation claim was made in the State of: Ca

    Ok, I was gettingTTD payments from Feb 09 untill I seen a QMD July 09 and he said I was MMI. My doctor still says I am TTD. We went to court in Nov 09 to try to start the TTD payments and the judge said he wanted to wait and see what my doctor had to say. A few months latter I got a letter stating my works lawer scheduled a MSC. At the MSC they offered me a low ball amount to settle and my lawer set a court date to try to start the TTD payments I have a trial date next month to try to get the TTD payments back. During this time the insurance started to pay me my ppd baised off of the qmd's report. I also was getting State disability but it was reduced $230 per week since the insurance was paying me part of my settlement. My question is, would I get back pay if the judge finds me still TTD? Would i pay the state back the money or would the insurance? even with the sdi and PPD payments it was still about $100 a week less than i was getting on TTD.
    Sorry if i was too confusing . Just want some answers that my lawer isnt that great at answering.

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    If the judge says you are due the TTD for the periods your PTP says, you'll get a check for the balance due between the SDI you rec'd and the TTD rate. The carrier will reimburse you SDI account.

    The PDA"s are not 'wages', those monies don't affect a UI benefit, EDD would provide the answer on SDI. PDA are not ''disability'' as TTD is, so the PDA shouldn't actually affect SDI.
    The PPD/PDA's are capped at a max rate depending on your DOI, and AWW, looks like yours is $230/wk. Those payments will be made until about 85% of your indemnity award is paid. The 15% is to cover atty fees and any credits that may be due.

    At MMI, you are expected to return to work. The SDI is only paid because your PTP doesn't believe you are MMI at this time.
    Be sure your SDI is reimbursed if you are awarded the past TTD. When you reach the 104 weeks cap on TTD, the SDI can be paid for 52 weeks, IF they have reimbursed EDD/SDI.

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    Hey JoRo77
    I got cut off of my ttd pay from wc for three years and was able to receive a check of 42,000, but by then I was 3 times that much in the hole. Now when they put me on p/s they cut my check by 162. dollars now i am being told that the pay code is mp and coming out of my settlement

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