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    Default How Long Must You Be Off Work Before You Qualify for Disability

    Need a little help or advice. I injured my neck and shoulder in Dec of 08,was put back to work on lite duty and sent to theraphy,well after months and months of theraphy I still couldn't look up without going to my knees,in the mean time my shoulder was getting worse couldn't even scratch the back of my head,well finally after all the months of theraphy they give me a panel of surgeons to pick from,saw the Dr I chose and he discovered I had 2 ruptured disc,my shoulder Dr found I had a tore rotator and tore labreum,well they FINALLY gave the approval for my neck surgery,had neck surgery a year to the date of the accident at work,then had my shoulder surgery a month later,my neck Dr had to do a fusion on my disc I have recovered great from that just some minor neck restrictions,now my shoulder is a different story,Dr told me after surgery that I was 1 ligament away from a total reconstruction of my shoulder,shoulder surgery took place Jan 2010,since then I go to theraphy 3 times a week and have had some improvement,finally in March I asked my shoulder Dr if there was anyway I could go back to work on lite duty cause I was going stir crazy in the house,He released me to lite duty and could not do ANY work with my arm,so I went straight to work and gave to form to my manager,he said "Nothing around here you can do with 1 arm" here it is May and they still hadn't let me come back,but you have to understand my manager does NOT like me at all,It's funny cause I know of 3 different employees that have came to work with their arm in a sling.Well this past week my shoulder starts popping out of place,(Have Dr appt Wed),Guess my question is how long do you have to be out before they put you on diability? Thanks so much and sorry for the long story,just need to vent some where.

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    If you have been off work due to your injury for at least 12 months and not earning a certain amount of income or non at all, you should go to your SS Office and apply yourself if you haven't already. Your employer will not do it for you....

    Good Luck..

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    Also another question,I know they will offer me a settlement for the injuries,what else can I ask for a settlement on? Neglect since it took them soo long to get me set up with surgeons? or is there anything else?

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