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    Default Florida Workers Comp Permanent Impairment

    Regarding Workers Compensation in Florida - I injured myself at work in August of 08 - I am the manager of the company and didn't want to involve workers comp, I damaged my ulnar nerve and as a result had nerve decompression surgery. I had some improvement but then hit a point where I started regressing.

    I contacted workers comp because I was told that the surgery would probably have to be redone and really could not afford another $1200 out of pocket expenses as I had incurred with the first surgery. It was determined by workers comp dr that nerve transposition surgery needed to take place. This surgery was done on April 23rd and I was told by the WC adjuster that I have been rated with a 3% permanent impairment even though I am just starting physical therapy tomorrow. I was only out of work Friday thru the next monday - 10 days total, because I asked the dr to please let me go back to work. I was told that I am entitled to 3 days pay (at max rate) and 3% time two weeks pay (as I researched earlier) at a 50% rate because I returned to work - Correct?? I am not sure how I can already be rated since there has not been any further testing after the surgery - how does this rating get determined?

    Questions - do I have recourse with workers comp for all of the out of pocket expenses that I incurred with the first surgery and loss of work even though I admittedly did not file the claim right away and attempted to resolve the issue without involving WC. Is there generally any "settlement" that is offered with a permanent impairment because I have not been offered one. I basically lost the feeling in my pinkie finger and ring finger for the last two year, lost the use of my arm collectively for 8 months and now have lost the use of my arm again until it is healed. Because I run the company, I have had limited loss of work because I return as soon as I possibly can and have adapted to typing with one hand, but what about the personal things that I cannot do such as going places with my children and normal day-to-day tasks that have been impossible? Is there any compensation for lose of quality of life? I am thankful to have my job, especially in this economy, but I want to make sure that I am educated with my situation. Thanks for any help.
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