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    Help, I need an Attorney quick. I live in Texas and was injured in New Mexico. I have been through the system in Texas, but the claim should have been filed in New Mexico. The Insurance company has rated me at MMI in Texas, but I will never be able to work again. If I don't get the case reopened in New Mexico before July 1st it will be lost completely. I am having trouble finding an Attorney, does anyone have the number of a good one?

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    I am not from this state, but this is the contact info for their state bar. You can contact them and ask for a list of work comp attorney's. Hopefully someone will respond in the mean time with a recommendation.

    Take care.

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    Thanks anyway, but the bar association charges 45 dollars for a list. I was hoping for some names and numbers.

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    I found myself completely lost, and at the mercy of an IC whom was playing games with my checks. It scared me so much I did a Google search for "Workers compensation attorneys in XXXXX (My zip code) It produced a list from which I selected a firm whom had the largest group of people with the same telephone number. (The largest firm,) I thought I needed the cumulative total experience of all these people. It worked. Try it using the zip code where you were hurt, or Albuquerque, wherever. The zip codes are available from a map in your telephone book. All the best.

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