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    Talking Tiger Woods Bulging Disc and the Workers Comp Doctor

    You know, I was quite shocked to hear that Tiger Woods was using the excuse of a bulging disc causing any symptoms what so ever!! ....As an injured worker, who has seen many highly qualified professionals..I can tell him that "bulging disc are normal"..that's right MR. Woods...."bulging disc don't cause any symptoms at all"....
    So this is how I am sure the doc appointment would go between My Workers Comp Docs...and Mr. Woods....
    Doc says..."Mr. Woods....your MRI is normal"....
    Mr. Woods...."Doc there has to be something wrong..I read my MRI and it says I have a bulging disc!...I have symptoms of neck pain, numbness and tingling in my arm...migraine headaches...are these not symptoms of a bulging cervical disc.."
    Doc says..."Mr. Woods...have you been under any stress???"
    Mr. Woods says..."Well yes, quite a bit, my wife is a little upset with me, and I am in counseling, but what does that have to do with anything?"..
    Doc Says..."Well Mr. Woods, Stress is certainly the cause of your see Mr. Woods, everyone has bulging is nothing unusual, soooo I am going to prescribe something for stress, I also recommend you continue your counseling"
    Mr. Wood says...."But doc, I was involved in an accident, prior to that I was under stress as well, and my neck didn't hurt at all...after the accident however, my neck has not been the doesn't it make sense that my injury caused my neck pain, not my stress..., now I can't do anything I use to do, and it is getting worse..I can't even play golf, and I love golf"
    Doc says in a very stern voice..."Mr Woods I don't know what you want from me? Bulging disc do not cause symptoms, everyone has them, they are normal..If you don't like my diagnosis, I suggest you go elsewhere...

    Doctors notes...
    Patient is a young healthy male who comes here today complaining of neck pain, radiating to his right shoulder and into his arm.. He claims this pain started immediately after a car accident. Mr. Woods admitted that he has recently experienced major stress in his life.. He is irrational and in complete denial about his severe stress and the affect it has on his body. In reviewing Mr. Woods Mri, I find that he has a tiny cervical bulging disc in C5, that I only mention because he insists that is the cause of his pain..however, ... His pain is completely out of line with the findings of this MRI..I suggest that Mr. Woods increase his counseling to bi weekly. I feel he could benefit from this, because I believe his neck pain is ..."all in his head" so to speak...I also have written a prescription of Lexapro...I do not think I can help this patient, and suggested he go elsewhere if he disagrees with my diagnosis.

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    Default Re: Tiger Woods Bulging Disc and the Workers Comp Doctor

    Thanks Frustrated!!! LMAO
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