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    Unhappy Injured Worker's Spouse Getting the Short Stick

    My husbands workers compensation claim was made in the State of: Ohio He has been on WC for more then 2 years for a back injury that is not getting any better....What can the spouse do to speed things up.... he can hardly do anything anymore and I mean anything I love him and this would never change that but frustrated can not come close to describing how a feel. and I am not talking about yard and housework LOL Please advise

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    Nothing. Spouse has not action in a comp claim...nothing to do to expediate the system.

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    Default Re: Injured Worker's Spouse Getting the Short Stick

    Mias, Welcome to the forum You are not the first frustrated spouse to post. We all know how difficult this system is. Try to hang in there and learn all you can, that would help you both just trying to understand this shitty system..

    Good luck
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