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    Default Compromise and Release Settlement Procedures

    Two years ago, I injured my back at work. I've had two previous back surgeries, so of course, when the insurance company heard the words "fusion surgery recommended", they balked instantly.
    Now, two years later, I'm still without the necessary surgery I need due to a combination of incompetent doctors and stalling tactics by the insurance company. However, the insurance company has offered a settlement, which I am accepting. My attorney was hesitant for me to accept at first because of my age (I'm only 27), but at the end of the day, it was smarter to just accept the offer and move on.
    Getting the necessary paperwork in my hand to sign has been a challenge in and of itself, as I've been told on more than one occasion by my attorney's office that the documents have been mailed to my home address, however, I have yet to receive them.
    My question is this, once I sign and return the settlement paperwork, what kind of a time frame am I looking at before I receive the settlement? The MMA was done by the insurance company 2 months ago, which I understand is now required in the State of Maryland for all Workers Comp claims. My attorney is well aware that I am no longer receiving TTD weekly payments and currently have no money to pay my bills. Because of that, my attorney told me the paperwork for the insurance company's settlement would be processed as soon as possible. We are also setting me up for a disability rating for SIF.

    Any info on the ins and outs of the settlement process and time frame will be much appreciated!

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    Default Re: Compromise and Release Settlement Procedures

    there is no one answer for every case. time frames vary by issue, board, adjuster, carrier, atty, amounts, etc. approvals and authorities depend on individuals schedules, vacations, backlogs, etc.

    unless you are permanently totally disabled the amounts are only designed to supplement your existing income not replace it. you will need other sources of income to survive so plan on finding work within your restrictions asap

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