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    Default Borken Femur Settlement

    I broke my femur back in June of 2006 and am now about to go in for settlement in July. I broke the femur head which required a rod and screws and cement to hold it together.

    I had a bone graft about a year later as the bone did not heal.

    Cancer was discovered after the bone was broken.

    I am now able to walk with some pain and am limited in doing many of my sports activities and cannot stand or sit for long periods of time without pain. Also have trouble carrying my son.

    I was on a walker then crutches then a cane and now walk without all of them.

    I have a new Dr. as my original moved to TX.

    He had me set up with MMI and gave me a rating of 15% Perm.

    I am a bit concerned about the rating being sort of low and was told that when I meet the commission they can adjust the rating and then we agree.

    Please share thoughts... Would this be considered a good rating? Should I get an attorney? I have been told by the insurance company this is a permanacy settlement and that there can be an additional settlement as well...

    Please help...

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    Default Re: Borken Femur Settlement

    I'm sorry to hear about your injuries. I would suggest getting the advice of an attorney. I am currently going through the comp process in South Carolina and without the help of my attorney things would be horribly worse. Just my opinion. Good luck!

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