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    My workers compensation claim was made in the State of: Montana
    I was injured on 6/1/09. I tore a legament in wy wrist and had to have surgery. Before surgery the doc told me that ther was a 70% chance that it wouldn't work. Well it didn't work. It has been over a year and now he tells me I have 2 options, 1-Live with it the way it is and see what happens 2-Have a 4 corner fusion. WC had me get a 2nd opinion and that doc said the same thing. They both said that the surgery option would allow me to return to the work I was doing before but lower the legnth of time that the fusion would last (by 50% or more). If I was retrained into a field that was less physicaly demanding it could last for the rest of my life. I guess what I am trying to figure out is if WC looks at it in long term and will pay for me to get retrained or will they only see that I will be able to return to work and make me go with that option?? Any info would help, Thanks

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    There really is no ''long term'' in WC.
    The goal is functional restoration, and return to gainful employment. VR isn't going to provide a college education to someone who didn't have one pre injury. There may be two year programs... but not a BA degree.

    VR basically identifies your current job skills, what may be transferrable to a new job and job assistance.
    Return to gainful employment could be sedentary, and minimum wage. You may be eligible for some wage differential benefits...for a limited time period.'re fortunate to be offered choices in treatment plan. The WC carrier is concerned with financial exposure for your ER... not what you might like/not like to do in the future.

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    So my lawyer told me that we could work out a settelment that would cover the cost of school and the 2 years of benefits that I would lose when I settle and would not lose any medical coverage. If this would work I would have the money to pay for school and live plus I could get a job for extra incomeand not have to deal with WC anymore. At least not till I have to have more work done on my wrist.

    That brings up another question.. If I do settle and 2 years from now I have to have surgery on my wrist, will I be able to get weekly benefits, travel pay, etc, and have to go through another settlement again or do they only pay the medical bills?

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