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    Default How Does Mediation Work

    My workers compensation claim was made in the State of: MO

    Hello, my former husband was killed in a tractor trailer accident, and our daughter is receiving his work comp benefits. We received a letter for mediation for settlement, how does this mediation work? Will a settlement be agreed upon then?

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    No not necissarily. I have been to 5 now and still not settlled. I have another one today and yesterday my attorney told me that it could take up to another year to settle, On the other hand they have a set amount they pay for death benifits so it could. Impossible to say untill after you go to it.

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    WC carriers are always anxious to resolve a claim. Their goal is to clear the books of the financial exposure.
    You can expect a offer to C&R/Compromise & Release the carrier from all further liability for the claim...a lump sum cash payment of the remaining indemnity due. That would be paid at a reduced amount...commutation to "todays dollars", probably less.

    You can deposit the money in an interest bearing account and let it 'grow' the same as the IC is doing.

    It's completely up to you whether or not to accept the cash payment. You are free to let the indemnity pay out over time.

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