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    Default If You Settle Everything but Medical, What Benefits Do You Get if Disabled by Surgery

    If I do settle with WC, everything other than medical, and 2 years from now I have to have surgery on my wrist, will I be able to get weekly benefits, travel pay, etc, and have to go through another settlement again or do they only pay the medical bills?

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    Default Re: Settelment

    much depends on your states work comp rules.
    generally if you close out disability then it cannot be reopened.
    P.S. most carriers/employer will not settle only part of a claim.

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    Default Re: Settelment

    Yup...your STATE would be important to know...

    If the indemnity is paid out, and you have a stipulated agreement, or finding by a comp court judge, then there is generally no more TTD paid, only the medical benefits. Other than that... your question is too broad.

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