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    Default Bi Weekly Benifits

    The Insurance company wanted to take me for a IAB Hearing one year after the accident.

    One day before the hearing there Doctor changed there testimony too can't work can't do anything. The Insurance companies other Doctor has also concurred that I am suffering from neurological problems do to the injury.

    Not sure how the rest will play out, but I am still getting tests as the Doctors are telling me they will not operate on me in my Condition with a sever fractured spine, Grade 5 Tier, Enlarged liver and osteoporosis that is so sever at that level that my bones are forming smaller fractures as I'm not sure why as it has my Doctors dumb founded as to why it is so sever at this level, as I think it is do too the massive grade 5 tier and the acid from the disc that is creating even more problems but who knows..

    The Insurance company has stopped paying me as it has been a month now and no check as my bills pile up with no way to pay them.

    I contacted my attorney and he said he will deal with it, but I am concerned as I need some form of income to just get by.

    They sent me one check last month and they paid my doctors depositions cost, then all of a sudden they stopped paying.

    The state of Delaware picked up it for a while with no problems but now that it was switched back to the insurance company they have stopped.

    has anyone else went threw this after the insurance company realized they did not have a case to go in front of the Industrial accident board.

    I already have enough too deal with and I did not ask for this, but it is what I am left with.

    I just need to be able to pay my Mortgage, and utilities as they don't understand I am waiting so now I may be forced into have stuff cut off and my mortgage foreclosed on.

    The bi weekly benefit amount is clearly not enough to pay everything each month so I am already behind on a lot of things and this is just adding too the foreseen possibility I will lose my home do to this.

    I went from a good paying job with job security too this, all because I did not say no when asked to do something at work. since I filed they have terminated me so I am left with nothing. Hurt - broken - and Confused.
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    if benefits have stopped you need to go back to the comp court to get them restarted.
    you should have applied for SSDI; if you haven't do so asap.

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    Default Re: Bi Weekly Benifits


    there are other resources that may be able to help, as i have seen SH and
    KELLY38 provide links in past threads..

    you may get temp assistance to pay your mortgage at either of the above..

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