I still don't know how the medical set aside works.
I've been told that my settlement money has nothing to do with the MSA.
I've been told that I will get that money on my settlement and I decide what to do with it.
Even though it's meant for my future medical.I was told I can invest it and generate money from it and use it for future medical.
I was told that my case was sent to a CMS company to figure my future medical.
can anybody help me understand this.
I found this message/recommendation from BvIA and I would like to learn this after struggling so much with my IC.

Hopefully your allocations in future medical included WCMSA, and non-Medicare money...(?)

I am curious why you did not utilize the IRS rules for a strucutred settlement with annuities funding your indemnity/life pension, MSA and nonMSA accounts..>?
You would be afforded a tax free stream of income, vs the investments you have choosen (?)

thank you hope to learn from you guys this is alot of good information that not everybody knows.
I love this site.
thank you