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    I have been given a 34% permanent disability for hearing loss in the state of wisconsin, what kind settlement is that or how do you figure it out? Are the cost of hearing aides deducted off that amount? I was earning in the area of $840 before taxes weekly, if that helps. Thanks alot.

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    Info on WC in WI is here, with many FAQ's for IW....
    Basic benefits may include:

    1.Coverage of all reasonable and necessary medical expenses.
    2.Benefits for temporary wage loss during the healing period - temporary partial disability (TPD) or temporary total disability (TTD) are provided to sustain an employee while recovering from an injury. Eligibility for temporary disability benefits is determined and must be documented by a doctor. Benefits for TTD due to disability are based on two-thirds of the employee’s wage up to a specified maximum amount for the year of injury.
    3.Benefits for permanent partial disability (PPD) or permanent total disability (PTD) are paid if the employee does not fully recover from the injury. Permanent disability is awarded for the potential or actual loss of earning capacity. The amount of benefit payment for permanent disability depends on the severity of the permanent disability.
    4.Vocational rehabilitation and retraining.
    5.If a death occurs, death benefits and burial expense will be paid to qualified beneficiaries up to specified limits.
    How hearing loss is calculated is here, on page 6
    Computation of PPD is on page 16, and it can be complex.

    There shouldn't be any deductions from your indemnity award, other than any atty fee.
    Hearing aids are the liability of the ER/IC... until/unless you cash out any future medical care you may be eligible for. Then you would be responsible out of your pocket for additonal treatment or hearing aids.

    If you have an atty, you should discuss your options there. If you don't, you might want to consider a consultation.

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