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    Default Tfcc Tear with Possible Ulnar Shortening

    Long story short (if there is a short version)
    -Got injured in november 2008
    -3 months of work health dr thinking it was a sprain didnt get better (on light duty)
    -another 3 or so months in PT still no relief
    -sent to an ortho dr had mri no tear visible still ulnar sided pain
    -mri with dye found tear in may 2009
    -surgery scheduled for july of 2009
    -insurance company denied surgery after approving it because they wanted a second opinion
    -2nd opinion agrees surgery needed.
    -surgery rescheduled for september 2009
    -4 months or so of PT released in February of 2010
    -had a FCE (functional capacity evaluation) test done which restricted me from lifting over 25lbs
    -Dr releases me stating i've reached mmi (maximum medical improvement) even though I've complained about pain being worse than b4 surgery. He said it was due to the cold outside and it was normal so i thought i was ok and it was normal. as the warmer months came on there was no relief i had hired a lawyer already so he asked for another appointment with the insurance company.
    -saw their dr and he said there was nothing he could do that sometimes this injury takes time to heal i left feeling like i had no options and thinking i would have been better off never having surgery.
    -My lawyer set up another dr's app with his dr which come to find out i will be financing the cost of
    -this dr is recommending ulnar shortening
    -lawyer cant do anything untill he has drs report but the drs office said it will take 6-8 weeks to send the lawyer his report come to find out it wasnt a standard drs visit it was a rating so here are my questions

    1. what is a rating im really confused as to how this differs from a standard visit

    2.does anyone know y it takes 6-8 weeks

    3. am i really going to be paying for this new dr if I do need surgery pertaining to my original injury or am i going to be waiting after these 6-8 weeks for the insurance company to tell me they want another opinion adn then wait even longer for the surgery to be approved

    oh and this whole time ive been unemployed i was fired from the company shortly after being injured.. they have a ten day rule that u cant miss more than 10 days in a year i missed 10 due to my grandfather being sick and being his primary care taker. the 11th day i was in the er from being severly dehydrated with the stomach flu i had a pass for this next ansence from work and asked my supervisor if it was ok to use this cuz i was in the er she said yes the next day her sup called me and told me i was fired for missing too many days... no one will hire me i think due to being a liability and i cant return to ems cause of my lift restriction.


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    Default Re: Tfcc Tear with Possible Ulnar Shortening

    workers comp awards additional benefits if the injury results in permanent impairment.
    the duration/amount of the additional permanent disability payments is determined by the rating.

    other injured workers already have rating appointments scheduled before yours.

    cannot predict your what'll happen in the future on your case.

    more information here on benefits

    you can also contact a Division of workers compensation specialist for help with questions

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