Hello everyone.
I'm looking for some advice. I am a full time nurse's aide and I was injured in March of this year. My company is self insured and they provided me therapy and chiro visits. I was released with restrictions (weight lifting limits, no bending or twisting) but my company will not take me back for light duty- it is not offered. So they compensated me while I was off. I returned to work in early June. About a week later, I started a part time desk job at a museum. I re-injured myself on July 7th at home. (Bending over to tie a shoe- crickey) My full time position will not take me back with limits again. I told my part time job I needed a little time off because of an injury and the pain.

My question is this- what sort of paper work do I need to bring to my part time job? I know I will be able to remain, as I am released for continuous standing and sitting. Will this mess up my claim- I would rather have my back fixed than risk it. Do I need to tell my full time job?

Any advice would be great, I'm really stressed out.